Instilling Hope: Stories of Recovery

"Each year, millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. If you're impacted, know that recovery is possible and there are people ready and willing to help you on your journey." "INSTILLING HOPE: Stories of Recovery" (Edition 01), brings hope.   The magazine, published in March 2021, is a nothing less than  ...
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Recovery Steps and Stories: Winter 2021

SSRINC-RSS-Winter202_20210315-192336_1 Recovery Steps and Stories: Winter 2021
This Newsletter is created by the clients at Stepping Stones of Rockford, under the direction of our CRSS, Bonnie Holton. Please enjoy our very own quarterly newsletter, "Recovery Steps and Stories."    Download PDF File Here

Recovery Steps and Stories: Fall 2020

SSRINC-RSS-Fall-202_20210315-192437_1 Recovery Steps and Stories: Fall 2020
This Newsletter is created by the clients at Stepping Stones of Rockford. Please enjoy our very own quarterly newsletter, "Steps and Stories."   Download PDF File Here

From Vaccines to Pizza

Vaccine Clinic February 2021  brought opportunity for all Stepping Stones clients and staff to receive the Moderna vaccine. Staff are definitely essential workers, while clients live in congregate settings. The Winnebago County Health Department ensured  an organized event. Talk about running smoothly!  We can't thank them ...
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The New Year: Let's Grow!

The New Year brings opportunity to take inventory of what we have and what we need . It's also the perfect time to set intentions. Our overall purpose will always be to provide the highest quality, trauma-informed, value-based based residential mental health care to the seriously mentally ill in Winnebago County and surrounding areas. Stepping Ston...
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Social Media + Mental Illness = ?

Social media is part of daily life for more people than not. Staying in touch with friends, keeping an eye on the news or even laughing at memes can have positive impact as we plug along day-to-day. Unless you're still using a non-Internet-enabled flip phone and a typewriter, it's hard to escape the ubiquity of social media. Used with balance, mode...
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