Outpatient Counseling Services (Ages 6+)

Welcome to the Stepping Stones of Rockford NEW Outpatient Counseling Center!

Stepping Stones’ Outpatient Counseling Center is open and accepting referrals from all sources including self, family, medical providers, youth organizations, educators, clergy, courts, employers and other organizations. The new outpatient center provides compassionate trauma-informed counseling, case management and telepsychiatry to the underserved, including Medicaid recipients who have serious mental illness or emotional disturbance. 


Located at 4317 Maray Drive, Rockford IL 61107, the office is on the RMTD bus route, with a bus stop right down the street. The 8800 square foot Outpatient Counseling Center houses the offices of our Associate Clinical Director, the LPN and ten master's level clinicians. The treatment center features two waiting rooms, a play/art therapy office, tele-psychiatry office, group room/multi-purpose room, conference room and recreational area. Parking is plentiful and on location. To arrange an appointment or to secure information regarding the New Stepping Stones Outpatient Counseling center, please call 779-970-5605.

Please note: If you need immediate help, go to an Emergency Department or call 911.   

Adults, Adolescents, Children (Age 6+). The Stepping Stones Outpatient Counseling Center provides a safe, welcoming, spacious treatment area for those seeking recovery opportunities across the lifespan. Children ages 6+, adolescents and adults with serious emotional disturbance or serious mental illness, with priority to those receiving Medicaid are within the scope of services. 

One in Five. If you, or others you know, need counseling and other outpatient mental health services, we can help. One in five adults in the U.S. experience mental illness each year. Mental health challenges do not have to be faced alone. The Stepping Stones Outpatient Counseling Center provides treatment choices and recovery opportunities in Winnebago County. There is hope. Let us provide the tools needed as part of the recovery process.

Early Intervention: Children and Teens. Mental Health is an essential part of every young person’s overall health and has a very complex effect on their ability to interact successfully with others, understand the world and succeed in school and their community. Early Intervention is critical and proven, in many cases, to lessen the effects of mental illness and improve outcomes in children, adolescents and young adults who are prone to developing these emotional disturbances.

Services. The Outpatient Counseling Center provides: Assessment, Diagnostic Evaluation and Treatment Planning; Individual and Family Supportive Counseling; Telepsychiatry; Medication Management; and, Case Management.

Staff. Currently, William Weddle and Samatha Gaffey provide counseling services to adults, teens and kids. Zach and Kirsten take calls, answer questions, verify eligibility and set appointments. Layne provides telepsychiatry, while Carol Laub ensures nursing needs are met. Our new Associate Director, Erica Gilmore, is on the job! We look forward to quickly adding staff as the program grows!

Job Opportunities. We seek case managers, counselors and an associate director. For additional information on job opportunities, please call 815-963-0683 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Additional information on available employment opportunities can be found on our website CLICK HERE

Funding. Stepping Stones of Rockford received funds to expand services, as made possible via the Winnebago County Community Mental Health Board (WCCMHB) 1/2 Cent Sales Tax. To read more about WCCMHB, please go to http://r1planning.org/wccmhb

Here's the flyer for the new Outpatient Counseling Center: SSRINCOutpatient_Counseling_CenterCompressed.pdf


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