Supervised Homes

Supervised Group Homes

315Stepping Stones currently has five group homes, designed to provide 24-hour mental health services to 6-8 adults per group home. The goal of 24-hour residential care is successful transition to a less restrictive environment in the community. Our group homes are located on:

  • Haskell Avenue
  • South 3rd Street
  • South 5th Street
  • North Church Street
  • North Main Street

Each group home is operated by a Program Manager, several Mental Health Professionals and two Rehabilitative Services Associates, with a master’s level Rehabilitation Supervisor serving as the treatment coordinator. Residents take an active role in operation of the site; after all, it’s their home! 


 Individualized mental health treatment for those living in a group home environment ensures residents are afforded pyschiatic services, mental health case management, community support services, counseling, crisis intervention, linkage and referral services. Recovery takes place in many forms and requires active participation. Those living in the group home setting take part in congregate cooking, completing weekly chores, attending community activities and building     independence. Staff and residents work together to ensure entitlements are in place, medical needs are met and budgets are managed. Use of public transportation, finding natural supports and accessing employent or educational opportunities is considered when developing treatment goals. Both resident and staff take an active role in maintaing the site. Developing a sense of purpose while navigating the recovery process is a constant throughout treatment.

While cooking and cleaning are a part of the daily routine, it’s certainly not what group home living is all about. Residents learn to use time productively as part of their recovery efforts. Clients are encouraged to attend groups, schedule appointments, seek employment, go to school or volunteer in the community. Residents develop weekly calendars in addition to creating a site schedule.


 Services provided have a holistic approach, embracing the therapeutic value of leisure and recreational activities. Support and assistance is provided, with concerns addressed in a direct, empathetic manner. Input regarding interests and needs are sought as part of the recovery process.

 The length of stay in a supervised group home setting ranges from several months to several years, depending on individual  needs and the recovery process. 

 Visitors to the site must be pre-approved by the site program manager, with staff remaining on site throughout the visit. All Stepping Stones group homes are non-smoking. The use of e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes is not allowed in the group home; instead, residents and staff use designated smoking areas outside of the home.

 Living in a group home at Stepping Stones is all about recovery. Learning symptom management skills, taking part in psychosocial groups, building an understanding of why medications are prescribed or even finding the value in following a recipe is all part of the treatment process. Group home living remains fully focused on the mission of improving lives, one step at a time.



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