The New Year: Let's Grow!

The New Year brings opportunity to take inventory of what we have and what we need. It's also the perfect time to set intentions. Our overall purpose will always be to provide the highest quality, trauma-informed, value-based based residential mental health care to the seriously mentally ill in Winnebago County and surrounding areas. Stepping Stones of Rockford has many goals for 2021. We'll seek funding residential and treatment expansion, meeting cybersecurity needs and improving the overall experience for those we serve and for those who employed at the agency. In order to do this, we must identify what we have, what we need and what the intention is for those specific intentions. We hope you will join us in our endeavors, as your support makes our goals attainable. 

Before we present our 2021 intentions, Stepping Stones thanks all who supported us in 2020. Your generosity makes it possible for us to do what we do—and, to do it well. Whether you made a financial contribution, volunteered at an event or spread the word about what we do, it makes a profound difference. We aim to demonstrate appreciation of funds, time and talent so generously donated. Our aim—and will always be--to always work hard, stay true to our mission and utilize gifts in a way lives are improved, one-step at a time.

Now, about those intentions...

The New Year presents us with opportunities for growth and improvement. It's time to revamp our equipment and spruce up our sites! We want to do what we do even BETTER in 2021!

As anyone in the field knows, documentation is a top priority. Just like your medical doctor, Stepping Stones staff must keep record of all services provided. Having the proper tools to complete documentation in the most time-efficient manner allows staff more time to serve clients. Imagine your medical doctor trying to use outdated hardware to look for your lab results or document your symptoms. Your time with the doctor is precious--that would waste a lot of precious time in your appointment! Our computer hardware is quickly becoming outdated. By securing new hardware, staff can spend more time with clients instead of losing quality treatment time on user-unfriendly, soon-to-be obsolete devices. Mobile devices allow staff to provide clinical services in the community, with clinical, medical and medication information at their fingertips. Since our Electronic Healthcare mobile platform works the "best" with iOS products, our goal is to secure thirty iPads for staff use.
Want to help us with this effort? Know anyone who can help us secure funding or has access to equipment? Would you like to donate directly to this effort? Please let us know and we'll put your support into action!

Cyber-security is part of today's business operation. Having "strong," up-to-date firewall protection is a vital line of defense we cannot ignore. What we have is an aging firewall; what we need is increased, powerful Internet security, with the objective being to secure a new firewall as soon as we can. Almost every aspect of our operation requires use of the Internet. Now is not the time to put cyber-security on the back burner! Firewall protection is very costly; a breach in our firewall is a lot more expensive! We are determined to have a new firewall in place before there's an issue. After all, once there's an issue, it's basically too late.
If you'd like to help us be proactive in cyber-security, please let us know! 

Safe flooring goes a long way when it comes to safety. River North, one of our supported sites, needs new flooring throughout the building. The site provide supported residential mental health services for those age 50 and older. As you can imagine, foot traffic from 44 clients and two dozen staff has led to beat up flooring! It's imperative we keep clients safe, so this is one of our top priorities. We propose that new flooring will be installed throughout the building, funded by grants and donations.
Have a contact with someone who might be able to help us? Care to donate to this big project? Reach out and we'll work to put your effort into action.

Expansion is necessary. There is such a need for residential treatment facilities in our area. Stepping Stones of Rockford is limited by the cost of purchasing and renovating living environments for additional clients.
What the community has is limited "beds" for residential mental health treatment. Our referral list is long! Expansion of our residential space would benefit those in need of residential treatment, which in turn makes for a stronger community. Oh, the thought of having one or more new residential group homes for those with serious mental illness! Our intention is to open a new group home with community, foundations, grants and individual donations. This is a huge project--one of which we know we can succeed.
We seek your help with this much needed expansion. Know of property? Want to donate property? Have resources to help us reach our goal? Please contact us!

As you can see, we dream big. We do so because of the clients--they inspire us every day. Because of them, we'll always do the absolute best to ensure they achieve their treatment goals. It is an honor to work with those in our program. We hope you'll join us as we give back to the clients who give so much. 

Happy 2021! May the new year be kind to you.

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