Get to Know Us: Racquell and Latasha

Want to know more about Stepping Stones of Rockford? Get to know us through our amazing staff! 

When you enter the Main Office, you'll recognize our Office Manager, Racquell Leach, from her RSA floater days. She's been at the front desk since January 2019. Racquell has been at Stepping Stones for nine years. Did you know that she has a French Mastiff? Now you do!

Across the lobby you'll find Latasha (Tasha) Purifoy, providing administrative support. Tasha's been with the agency for over seven years, the majority of them at "817" (an agency group home) as an MHP. She's been at the Main Office for a little over a month. Tasha has one dog, two cats, a hamster, and a bearded dragon!

          When asked what they like best about their jobs, they both immediately
          said "the clients."
True clinicians at heart, Racquell and Tasha appreciate
          the opportunity to interact with clients as they visit the building.

The "Front Office" is always busy. Always! They keep our records safe, in order, up-to-date and confidential. They make sure the mail, messages and supplies get to where they are going. They ensure dictation, scanning and filing is completed quickly, correctly and as needed. From phone calls to keeping us safe, they are always working hard. Best of all, they make sure everyone gets a warm welcome upon arrival at the Main Office!

As the Office Manager and Admin Support, their goal is to make everyone's lives easier… which is truly appreciated by all who cross their paths. We assure them that they are succeeding at their mission. 

Thank you to Racquell and Tasha for a job well done!

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