Stepping Stones of Rockford: November 2020

tre_20201118-123438_1 City of Rockford Chooses the Annual Christmas Tree from Stepping Stones of Rockford
Thank you, Anderson Automotive Group Stepping Stones gives a big THANK YOU to the Anderson Automotive Group for the $5,000.00 donation. From Anderson's website: " We're celebrating 50 years of serving the Rockford area by continuing to give back to the terrific community that has supported us for a half century.  Each month for ten months...
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A Letter from Our CEO, Sue Schroeder

Sue Schroeder, LCSW, CEO   My goodness where do I start--2020 right? As I sat down to write this year's letter, there was only one decision to be made: Should I focus on the virus or not? As I began, my fingers seemed to already have the answer and almost automatically, they led the way. After all, even though we have all overcome so many...
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Get to Know Us: Brooke Engberg, Jenny Stranc and Chris Clark

For Mental Illness Awareness Week (#MIAW) and in celebration of our staff do, please meet three clinical staff at Stepping Stones! Brooke Engberg 2.5 years (Group Homes) Jenny Stranc 12 years (River North) Chris Clark: Over 15 years (Apartment Program) What is your job at Stepping Stones and what kind of things do you do as part of that job? B...
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Get to Know Us: Nikki Delmore, Charlene Donahoe, Vanessa Sumano and Nannatte Heshelman

  For Mental Illness Awareness Week (#MIAW) and in celebration of our staff do, please say hello and thank you to staff of the Transitional Apartment Program (TAP) , which provides housing and mental health services to 14 clients in agency-owned apartment buildings . Three Mental Health Professionals and one Rehabilitation Supervisor ensure qu...
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Get to Know Our Staff: Beth Austin, Erica Lynn and Rebecca Howard

For Mental Illness Awareness Week (#MIAW) and in celebration of our staff do, we proudly introduce some of the fabulous staff who work in the Stepping Stones Apartment Program. Currently, there are two Rehabilitation Supervisors and six mental health professionals staffing this vital and expanding program. Community outreach and premiere supported ...
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Get to Know Our Staff: Brad Mullen, Jessica Meilani, Rochelle Owens and Adam Sommerfeld

  For Mental Illness Awareness Week (#MIAW) and in celebration of our staff do, we proudly introduce four diligent staff who work at a Stepping Stones Supported Apartment Complex called "River North," home for forty clients over the age of 50. BRAD MULLEN has worked at Stepping Stones for an impressive 23 years: JESSICA MEILANI for 5 years;&nb...
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Get to Know Our Staff: Jodi Jennings, Judy Erickson and Betsy Sanchez

For Mental Illness Awareness Week (#MIAW) and in celebration of our staff do, we proudly introduce three dedicated staff who work at a Stepping Stones Residential Supervised A partment Complex called "City View," home for fifteen  men.  JODI JENNINGS  has worked at Stepping Stones for six and a half years; JUDY ERICKSON  for an ...
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Get to Know Us: Racquell and Latasha

Want to know more about Stepping Stones of Rockford? Get to know us through our amazing staff!  When you enter the Main Office , you'll recognize our Office Manager, Racquell Leach , from her RSA floater days. She's been at the front desk since January 2019. Racquell has been at Stepping Stones for nine years. Did you know that she has a Frenc...
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Our Staff: The Unsung Heroes

I'm a blogger for the agency--not a doctor, not a scientist, not an expert on medical diseases. I'm just a counselor singing praise of  our unsung heroes...  the amazing staff at Stepping Stones. Stepping Stones of Rockford is a 24-hour residential mental health provider. That means our staff is working, no matter the weath...
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Social Media + Mental Illness = ?

Social media is part of daily life for more people than not. Staying in touch with friends, keeping an eye on the news or even laughing at memes can have positive impact as we plug along day-to-day. Unless you're still using a non-Internet-enabled flip phone and a typewriter, it's hard to escape the ubiquity of social media. Used with balance, mode...
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Stepping Stones of Rockford: Ready to Celebrate #GivingTuesday

Stepping Stones of Rockford is ready to celebrate #GivingTuesday on Tuesday, December 3, 2019, joining millions around the world participating in the global generosity movement. Stepping Stones of Rockford seeks to inspire YOUR generosity by inviting you to take part in our " Salting-for-Safety " project as part of #GivingTuesday. Did you...
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Honoring Veterans Day by Addressing PTSD

For this post, I've focused on PTSD ( Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  in Veterans , in recognition of Veterans Day (annually recognized on November 11 th) . Veterans Day honors America's veterans "for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good." Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is certainly not...
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Taking Part in Domestic Violence Awareness Month

​If you're questioning why a mental health agency is writing about Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we've got news for you: Domestic Violence awareness is EVERYONE's business! Many of our clients are survivors of domestic violence. As our agency remains dedicated to utilization of trauma-informed care, it's vital we take part in efforts...
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Mental Illness Awareness Week 2019

​ Sunday, October 6th through Saturday, October 12th marks 2019's Mental Illness Awareness Week (MIAW). If you're wondering why such a week is needed, know that one in five persons will experience mental illness. One in five! We all know someone who has been diagnosed with mental illness. In addition, stigma regarding mental illness aboun...
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Stars of Light: Busting Stigma via YouTube

Stars of Light are not only on the road--they are on the Internet.  In an effort to bust stigma and with the hope of reaching as many people as they can, the group has posted numerous videos on YouTube. If you has access to an electronic device capable of connecting to YouTube, you can peruse Stars of Light videos. "For man...
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​Rocking Chairs Needed for Individualized Mental Health Treatment at Stepping Stones

Reflecting on my childhood, I clearly recall my mom gently rocking me in a rocking chair as I whimpered with the pain of an earache. The soothing movement, combined with her reassuring words, helped ease my misery. I remember my own toddler-sized wooden rocking chair; I can't help but smile when recalling how much I enjoyed rocking in that thing. R...
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Stepping Up! Sponsors and Donors Help Make 50th Anniversary Celebration a Success

Several Local Businesses and individuals stepped up to provide sponsorship and donations for the Stepping Stones of Rockford's 50 th Anniversary Celebration, held on May 7, 2019 at the Radisson Hotel in Rockford. "It is our pleasure to recognize our presenting sponsors because of the ongoing, working relationships we have with each of them. The coo...
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Stepping Stones Receives Grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois

Stepping Stones of Rockford, Inc. is proud to announce that it has received a $5000.00 grant from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois Grant Program, with the support from the Dr. Louis and Violet Rubin Fund . The grant will help fund the installation of a new privacy fence at our North Main Street Group home.  Enhanced safety, p...
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Upcoming Events: Stars of Light

Stars of Light announces its Spring 2019 Event Schedule! "The Stars" are set to tour the area this spring, using theater and creativity to promote recovery, educate the public about mental illness and reduce the stigma that surrounds it. Performances are designed to educate as well as entertain. If you have ever had the opportunity t...
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What is Anxiety?

Your heart is racing. Your face is covered with sweat. You're feeling unsure and your hands are shaky. There is an intense feeling of impending doom. This is happening every day, for most of the day. There are no obvious stressors. What on Earth is going on? Anxiety . It may build over time or it might hit unexpectedly and overwhelmingly. Ther...
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