An Overview: Services and Programs at Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones provides all sorts of mental health services within a residential setting. Our agency's focus is definitely on residential services, both supervised and supported... but, did you know we also provide services in the community? Persons served may live in:

  • an agency-owned group home with 24-hour staffing;stonefound
  • a supervised apartment complex with 24-hour staffing;
  • an agency apartment complex with daytime staffing;
  • an agency-owned apartment without staffing on-site; or,
  • a community apartment/residence in Winnebago County.

Services available at Stepping Stones include:

  • Psychiatric Services;
  • Medication Observation;
  • Medication Training;
  • Mental Health Case Management;
  • Mental Health Client-Centered Consultation;
  • Community Support Services;
  • Community Support Groups;
  • Individual and Group Counseling;
  • Linkage and Referral.   

    To learn more about Stepping Stones, check out our Brochure! Stepping_Stones_brochure.pdf