​Rocking Chairs Needed for Individualized Mental Health Treatment at Stepping Stones

Reflecting on my childhood, I clearly recall my mom gently rocking me in a rocking chair as I whimpered with the pain of an earache. The soothing movement, combined with her reassuring words, helped ease my misery. I remember my own toddler-sized wooden rocking chair; I can't help but smile when recalling how much I enjoyed rocking in that thing. Rocking on my grandparents' glider in the backyard was always a happy occasion. All fond memories of being soothed, feeling comforted, being happy.

So, is it any surprise that rocking chairs fit in perfectly with trauma-informed treatment approaches and within the mental health treatment setting? Rocking is a great self-soothing skill. If you've had the pleasure of rocking in a rocking chair, you know the rhythmic, repetitive rocking action soothes the soul and the mind. It's a treatment tool that can be applied by anyone with access to a rocking chair; no special talent required. It's suggested that rocking motion can have a positive effect on neuro pathways as well as on our psyches. Persons with anxiety often find some relief from symptoms when rocking. Personally, I find it almost impossible not to relax when rocking in a rocking chair. If you have any doubt, sit a spell in one of our agency rocking chairs. I'm pretty sure you'll feel a bit more content in no time!

Varied modalities help us provide invaluable individualized mental health treatment. Along with medication, the persons we serve make recovery strides through talk therapy, others through art, dance or music; some through weighted blankets, work-outs or hobbies; and, some via a rocking chair. One key to treatment success is application of varied approaches and tools. With access to rocking chairs, we're improving lives, one rocking chair at a time!

It is in this spirit that Stepping Stones of Rockford set a goal of securing a rocking chair for each agency site. The organization chose a specific brand and type of chair as part of their trauma-informed care initiative. Since May 2018, Stepping Stones has secured a rocking chair for each site and is now seeking additional chairs the larger sites. After all, forty people sharing one chair doesn't afford much time per client to use the chair!

Stepping Stones seeks monetary donations for their rocking chair initiative. If you'd like to buy a chair or make a donation toward the purchase of the chair, please contact us via our website (, our Facebook page (@Steppingstonesrockford), or by contacting us at 815-963-0683. The chairs can be personalized with a placard; those who use the chairs will know where the support is from. The more rocking chairs we can provide, the more our clients will benefit. As an organization, we strive to help clients fulfill treatment goals through trust and collaborative relationships. We welcome you to be part of our effort!

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