Our Staff: The Unsung Heroes

I'm a blogger for the agency--not a doctor, not a scientist, not an expert on medical diseases. I'm just a counselor singing praise of our unsung heroes... the amazing staff at Stepping Stones.

Stepping Stones of Rockford is a 24-hour residential mental health provider. That means our staff is working, no matter the weather, the holiday or current virus. Our clients, adults with chronic mental illness, rely on staff to keep them safe while living in the least restrictive environment. From medication observation to helping clients develop coping skills during this anxiety-driven time, our staff are the rock star who keep our agency going and keep our clients safe, healthy and improving. 

Stepping Stones succeeds because of the dedicated staff. That's not lip service. That's the truth. Right now, a mental health professional is teaching a client how to staff "safe" and healthy during a time of self-isolation. An RSA is making sure a client is self-administering medications as prescribed. Another MHP is providing clinical intervention for a person with schizophrenia who is struggling after watching the news. A Rehabilitation Supervisor is trying to convince a client experiencing symptoms of mania not to take public transportation for medical health reasons. A Buildings and Grounds employee is delivering hand sanitizer and yes, toilet paper, to the sites. An On-call supervisor is assisting a client to lower anxiety by using coping skills. 

Despite the virus, Stepping Stones staff is working. 
In person. 
Around the clock. 

A shift at at Stepping Stones requires staff to have patience, resolve and a sense of humor. Expending energy, oozing compassion and plunging a clogged toilet are part of the job. Reading a job description does little to reflect the hard work performed daily by our staff. A document can't capture the heart behind the work. Many staff have worked at the agency for over two decades. Yes--over 20 years! Some started working at the agency two weeks ago...

,,,All have one thing in common: the desire to serve those with chronic mental illness, one step at a time. 

Across the globe, people are coping with the challenges presented by COVID-19. At Stepping Stones, we're plugging along, doing the best we can. Staff are being asked to do even more than usual. Staff is cleaning non-stop. They're doing spontaneous training so they are educated about best practice. Staff continue to provide quality treatment while hanging on for the ride during this ever-evolving issue. 

It takes true rock stars to step up and do even more than is already needed. Thank you to the dedicated, tireless staff at Stepping Stones of Rockford. You make a profound difference. Your effort, time and compassion to help our clients improve one step at a time is recognized and appreciated!

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