Wish List

Featured Item:

Rocking Chairs for Our Ongoing Trauma-Informed Care efforts

As part of our initiative to become a trauma informed care organization, we have established the goal of installing rocking chairs for use by our residents at all group homes and supervised apartment locations. The rocking chairs cost $200 each and we need 20 of them. All donations are accepted. Please reference “rocking chair” with your donation. If you would like to purchase a rocking chair or chairs in your name, on behalf of a loved one, or in memory of someone; please indicate the name (s) as you would like them to read and an engraved tag will be attached to each chair. Rocking chairs may be donated in your name (s), someone else’s name, on behalf of another person or in memory of a lost loved one.

Wish List Items:

Coolers (picnic sized)




Swiffer Jet Mops and accessories

Vacuum Cleaners

Adult Coloring Books

Colored Pencils

Journals, Spiral Notebooks


Gaming Systems and Electronics for Congregate Living Group Homes

  • X-box/Nintendo, new with games;
  • Flat screen television,
  • Sound system, Radio, DVD player

Light Bulbs

Mops, Brooms, Dustpans

Pine-Sol or Lysol

Scrub Sponges

Scrub Daddies

Alarm Clock Radios

Can Openers

Coffee Makers

George Forman Grill

Pots and Pans


Silverware Sets (non-plastic)

Plates and Bowls



Towels (bath)

Garbage Bags (13, 30 and 33 gallon size)


Construction Paper, Paper, Sketch Pads (large)


Paint (tempra, acrylic, watercolor)

Glue/Glue Sticks


Self-Hardening Clay

Baseball Mitts, Bats, 12 and 14-inch Softballs

Outdoor Basketballs

Yoga Mats